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[VHE Only] Guide to the final compile

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1 [VHE Only] Guide to the final compile on Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:24 pm

Well members, now Im sharing my info about the power of ZHLT compilers for VHE, this time is for the Final Compile commands, required only for FINAL COMPILE, with this we can see the map more nice than normal compiles for test and for play.

What we need to know?

What we need to know is that these commands are used to the final build of our map, it work for all compiles, but are recommended for the final, the reason of that is because these commands, use more RAM and CPU and make the compilation more slow, this will add a touch of quality to our map, shadows will less pixelated, texture clip will be fixed, ZHLT is buggy to put "clip" to the map, and will increase the size of the "nodes", and Finally, the effects of light, like the sun, will be much nicer and not be rare, well, here is a screen with the commands in the compile window:

What I need to put?

There is the commands used in the Screen:

csg -> -cliptype precise -wadinclude "your wad name.wad"
bsp -> -maxnodeside 8192
vis -> -full
light -> -extra

All info on:

Der Riese WIP - My project for NZP
Valve Hammer Editor Setting up for mapping!

Actual Gaming Rig
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