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How to use the Quake built in recorder and screenshot taker

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Ok this tutorial will show you how to use the Quake built in screenshot taker and builtin recorder
Credit to mabuse for telling me how use the recroder
afaik the recorder works on psp so does the screenshot taker but I do not know the commands for it

So first the screenshots
First open NZP
Then load a map
Then press F12
The screen shots are located in pc version\nzp\screenshots
They are in TGA format so you will have to convert them using something like by just opening it in it and saving as jpeg or PNG
Now to the recorder (little compicated)
First as usual open NZP
You need to type this instead
filename is the name you want your recording to be

(usually dosent matter just name maybe 1 2 3 4 5 6 and so on for the number of recorings you do)(mapname is the name of the map you are recording)

Once it does that it will load the map you have choosen and will start recording your players actions
Meaning:It dosen't record to avi
Its like the Blackops recorder and MW3.It records player actions and is then played back ingame
Why I use this?
When I record it is laggy to play but the outcome AVI is smooth
Once you have exited the game it will stop recording

HOW to play back?!!!!!!!
Type this

(filename is what you called the recording)

When recording to AVI use Fraps or bandicam or what ever you use like usual
Its still in OpenGL/DirectX so if you use fraps then you can use it like usual same for bandicam

Any questions just reply to the post
If you found it helpful then a bit of rep would be nice

one question is the recorded gameplay file saved in the nzp games file?

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@GOOD_THINGS_COME_WITH_MGS wrote:one question is the recorded gameplay file saved in the nzp games file?
It is saved in pcversion/nzp as a .dem file
Really you don't need to do anything to the file
It contains all the actions,points,perks,kills,guns ect the player has aquired
When you play it back the game recreates what you done ingame
So it isn't played back as some movie file
It is played back by the engine
Usually when recording like this framedrops do not occur

Its pretty much the Blackops and MW3 theatre mode

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