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What makes a good NZP map? *Noob Guide*

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1 What makes a good NZP map? *Noob Guide* on Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:12 pm

true nightmare

this is to help people with there custom maps

first off realiscm, the more realistic the map looks is important eg. if you see the zombies spawn that not really realistic, it wouldnt happen in real life, also hovering or in the ground machines arent good ever, unless there is quick sand or a very good reason, like a crane is lifting it up

second map type, the map type is what you want the map to be, do you want alot of campers? alot of sinping? alot of run and guning? or do you not want any of these and make it as hard as possable?

> camping type maps, for camping make some areas where people can get ok range and have a big enough area for at least 4 people

> sinping type maps (not ideal for psp), have a lot of long range area's and sinpers avaable on the wall some where

> quick scoping type maps (not ideal for psp), have alot of long to short range area's, make sinpers avabable on the wall, try to keep the camping area's to a min

> run and gun type maps (not best for the early models of the psp), most maps are a run and gun map but there are thing you can do to make it harder, make less or more ways to get around the map and put windows in the area with high chance of runs coming though to try slow them down abit

> other type maps, what ever type you do make sure its hard, have windows where you would normaly camp, make zombies come from more then one dircetion and make area's that have more space then other

third think smart, if you want an indoor map and you cut the roof off its not really an indoor map is it? dont make huge rooms unless you can fill them, the size may differ your changes of becoming a mapper or not

4th the playing area, the area the player kills the zombies in, dont have anything in the way of the playing area that the player cant see, if you use a clip texture to cover the windows make it so the player doesnt get stopped by the clip block

5th make it fun, not only do you want it to be hard, you want the map to be fun aswell, boring maps dont get played that often, make a map that will want the player wanting more

6th personial touch, make some you will like aswell as others, whats the point in making something you will hate?

this is the best i can do, i can not make you maps, i can not tell you how to make them but if you learned anything form this i hope it how to make a good map

happy mapping and dont forget to thank me and afro dude lol ===> :afro:

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2 Re: What makes a good NZP map? *Noob Guide* on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:53 pm

true nightmare

add quick scoping map type and info

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