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How to play Solo on custom maps (Requires PSP 2000,SLim,3000)

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1.You must have 64MB ram otherwise your PSP will say ut;s corrupted.

2.backup your other eboots except EBOOT2000

3.Rename EBOOT2000 to EBOOT.PBP

4.Unplug you psp and scroll through the XMB to NZP . Hit Trianlgle and select Information or options...

It should say ProQuake 64MB

5.Run the game. Load up a Singleplayer map Warehouse,Anstieg,Wahnsinn,Christmas Special.

6.Once you finished loading the map. Goto the console and type in the custom map you desire.

Example: map (map name)

The textures for the map might be messed up a bit.

7. Once finished loading the custom map you are playing a custom map with Quick Revive on!

The reason why you should be using the 64MB Eboot loading a custom map after loading a Singleplayer map it might say Out of RAM for textures in the 32MB EBOOT

true nightmare

you can run custom maps of a 32Mb psp but its a little harder... i used to do it on my psp before it died

BE AWESOME!! And Subscribe to my channel for Nzp mapping tutorials and gameplays of nzp and other stuff im doing or working on, at some point i hope to do daily uploads

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why dont you use the console commands to set the game to singleplayer?

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