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Edit NZP/Quake maps on Android/IOS (Yes, it's real)

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Greetings again comrades,

There's no good way to say this, but I'm back...err kind of. I will be leaving you again to continue development with this project. Me and my team of developers have integrated not only Worldcraft (also works with Valve Hammer) but also a tiny portion of NZP to run on Android and IOS devices. You may download the whole instructions (includes pictures):



I'm sorry that I don't have any screenshots, but there are many in the .html file.

Text instructions:

How to run Worldcraft on mobile devices


This tutorial is used for editing your Quake, Nazi Zombies Portable, or any other sort of maps you could edit with Worldcraft on your mobile phone, tablet, or ipod. This particular tutorial is aimed at Android tablet users, because without having a large screen or a Jailbroken itouch/iphone, you're basically downloading large files with no particular use. My team recommends the Galaxy S III or any tablet. This can work on other phones, but it will run very slow with a small touch screen.

Basic Necessities
First off, you need about 1.5 gigabytes of space on your Android SD card (or internal storage for you tablet users) and less than 5 megabytes of application storage (this is on both tablets and mobile phones alike, taking up internal storage). My team of developers are currently trying to figure this out for IOS, seeing as there is a good chance this could work. We yet have no prediction on how much internal storage it will take up. You should also have an active WIFI connection, particularly so this doesn't take up your data plan. Please note that if you have already emulated old operating systems using Bochs, then please uninstall your version of Bochs, remove your c.img from your device, and re-do this tutorial.

Your list of files
Download a copy of Microsoft's Windows 98 (311.96 mb archived, 1gig+ unzipped):

Windows 98 Download the Bochs .APK:

Bochs.apk Download your HDD
For the best results, you should download some sort of file browser from the Google Play Store

I recommend ZArchiver, both a file browser and an un/archiver

I also recommend that you should download "Hacker's Keyboard" and set that as your default keyboard


I recommend downloading these on a computer first, then transfering the files via USB.

1.Download all items, unzip them, place them into 2 folders on your desktop called "Bochs APK", and "Windows 98".

Desktop Screenshot; please ignore the SDL folder, it was for a different tutorial before.

2.Copy "Bochs.apk" to your android device. The driver volume (name) will change depending on where you insterted the USB cord

Your Android drive. Please don't ask me why Windows 98 is smaller than the size I gave you.

3.Copy the extracted "Windows 98" to the root of your device. Then rename the folder to "SDL".

4.Copy the extracted HDD folder to your Android root drive. This folder is known as your Hard Disk Drive, which allows you to import up to 500 MB of space into a Windows 98 session.

Extract your drive

1.Add any .wads, textures, or .rmf's for editing once in Windows.

On your Android
1.Once on your Android device, browse to your settings, and check "allow from unknown sources." This allows you to install applications not from the Play Store. The location of this is different throughout newer/older versions of Android, so use a search engine to find the appropriate location.

2.Open a file browser (I recommend ZArchiver) and click on "Bochs2_5_1.apk", opening an installation page.

3.Install the application, and open it. Magical boot menu screens should show up, and after a little while, an image that says "98 lite" and a small moving status bar on the bottom of the screen.

4.Eventually, the boot screen will disappear, leaving a black--then green screen that will bring up a virtual mouse.

5.The desktop should boot up, revealing several icons, including the most important one: My Computer. Wait for a minute to reduce lag.

6.Navigating with your finger to move the mouse and use the volume icons to act as the left and right mouse clicks, double click on "My Computer" and wait a while until it opens.

7.After it has done loading, there should be a "D:" drive that is where your files are imported. It can be titled differently on some devices, but the basic name has "Bochs" in it.


8.After double clicking on that drive, you should see your files. If you are unable to see them, please contact me via the forum. Double click on the Worldcraft3.exe and go through the installation process, which lasts about 2-3 minutes. Make sure to check the "Add a desktop icon" option.

9.After you've finished your installation, return to the desktop and situate your mouse in the middle of the screen. Press the volume down key, bringing up a right-click menu. Move your mouse to the option "Properties." Go to "settings" and there should be a section for "screen resolution;" move the slider one section to the right and you should observe Microsoft's magical black flickering at its finest. The screen resolution should change and you are zoomed out even farther.

10.Launch Worldcraft by double clicking on the desktop icon; if you forgot to make a shortcut, then just browse "C:\Program Files" or wherever you installed Worldcraft. Upon the launch of the application, a dialog box should appear asking you to configure Worldcraft's settings.

Note, if you are having trouble configuring Worldcraft, please watch TrueNightmare's excellent video on setting up NZP:
How to make an NZP map: #1 download and setting up

11.If your .wads are good, clean, and compatable, then you can stop here. If your .wads aren't working, continue in the next section.

A breif image of a floor I made


Convert your .wads
1.Browse the "D:" drive and double click on Wally.exe.

2.Once it opens, click on "Wizard" and then "Wad Merge"

3.Add your .wads that you put into the HDD folder (They should be in the "D:" drive)

4.Click "Go" and then wait until the status bar finishes. This may take a long time depending on the number of files within that .WAD. Once completed, hit "File" -> "Save As" and save it to where you would think it would be appropriate. I would recommend the "D:" drive so you can edit it on your own computer OR in Wally.
That is all. Remember, think outside the Bochs.


I'll be back, comrades.


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I actually thought this was a straight port of worldcraft into android. Turns out its just worldcraft running in it's native environment. The fact that you said you and your team personally integrated this into android is complete bullshit to be frank. You took a preexisting OS emulator program and ran software built for that certain OS on it. That's not integration at all but simply the utilization of someone elses work as it was meant to be used.

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My penis was about to go kaboom once I heard this could be run from Android, but I'm puzzled on how much work it takes to actually do so. :/

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