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How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP

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1How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP Empty How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:43 pm


I've been asked a lot lately on how I got the Quake mods that were not ported for PSP, to actually work on the PSP. Well, here's an answer:

First, you'll need some of the files that comes with the mod. (Models, Sounds, Progs, etc.) No, you won't need the Windows executable, since it won't work on the PSP.

So, if you're familiar with the cmdline file in Quake, then this will be a breeze. All you really need to do is...

1. Copy over all the folders and files. and place them in the Quake folder like this:
ms0:/PSP/GAME/Quake 1/*Name of Mod*

Replace the *Name of Mod* with the game's name. Remember this, as it will be important. Oh, and make sure the progs.dat is in the root of the mod directory. otherwise, it will default to regular Quake.

2. Open your .cmdline file. Make sure it has the following things on it:
-listen x (Replace x with the amount of players including yourself)
-game *** (Tells Quake to run a mod with the name of the folder you told it to *CASE SENSITIVE*)
-cpu333 (Tells Quake to set the CPU of the PSP to 333 MHz, if not 333, it will default to 222)

In addition to the above commands, (which WILL NOT work on the in-game console) you can try some of these commands, in case you have some memory constraints another similar issue:

-heapsize xxxx (IIRC, this is for to make more room ram-wise for the config files and settings, set it to 1024 for 1MB, 2048 for 2MB, or 4096 for 4MB (You really never need more than 4MB, if any)

-winmem/-pspmem/-mem, I could never get this one to work on PSP, but it's supposed to clear a set amount of ram for the mod itself. (i.e: -mem 25. That will make 25 Megabytes available for the mod, and if it needs more, it will most likely crash either with an error or shut down the PSP)

-zone xxxx (Pretty much the same as the -heapsize command)

3. After making changes to the cmdline file, you need to save it. Make sure to save it as all files, then .cmdline, so Quake can read it.

4. Start the game. If you notice an error, (which usually comes from AFTER loading a map) then just mess around with some of the settings in the file I talked about.

That's it! If you have any issues, post here and I will walk you through the steps to getting it to work.

Note that you MIGHT need the full version of Quake to run a mod. Meaning both PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK.

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2How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP Empty Re: How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP on Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:00 pm

Will be useful ^^

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How to get PC Quake 1 Mods to work on PSP UUYh5lt
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