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Leaving For Now

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1 Leaving For Now on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:49 am

I have been quietly browsing this forum and I have decided that I am leaving this site because most of my friends have friends have left and some people here are extremely childish and will never be any more grown up, the dumb fuck pig, and people who I truely can't remember their names. If you still want to talk to me, play games, or see any of my unfinished maps, then go to the sites in my signature and you will find me on one of them. This site is extremely dead to me and is of no use to me any more. I may come back now and then to check out map releases or any news on stupid members but I will never talk to anyone anymore so in a way I will act as a ghost unless there is something to talk about. If you want to play a game on Xbox 360, my GT is nexus71c. Good luck with your lives and I wish luck to all of you in your future maps and such. My only friends on this site are FRiiZYDuDE, seniormeatbox, Riyusaki, and I guess Mabuse. My old friends who left were RedDevil427, Drieze, and I think True Nightmare left. As a parting gift I will make a NZP Museum with screenshots implanted as textures to commemorate all who made maps for NZP and say that this site, before the immaturity, was the greatest site I know. Goodbye........for now.

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2 Re: Leaving For Now on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:24 am


Smart, Just like a Chap.
Smart, Just like a Chap.
This is getting kinda stupid now....


I am technically the Best Admin.

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care about material things,
Like a Social status."

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3 Re: Leaving For Now on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:52 am


If you're leaving, leave, stop looking for sympathy please, and stop try to do what everyone else is doing. I am far from sympathetic.....

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