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challenge me!

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1 challenge me! on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:02 am

true nightmare

hi there, im looking for challenges for nzp gameplay and want to know what you want me to do, if you can't think of anything try copying and pasting then filling out the list below

Challenge Name:
Rounds: (eg. Max/Min Round)
Points: (Eg. Highist, Collect By Round)
Weapons: (Eg. no shotguns, shotguns only)
Doors: (Eg. No limit, 1 door only)
Perks: (E.G. No Limit, 1 Perks only, No Quick Revive)
Pack-A-Punch: (E.g. Can Use, Cant Use, 1 Use only)
Knife: (E.g Allowed, No Allowed)
Greandes: (E.g. Allowed, No allowed)
Bettys: (E.G Allowed, Not Allowed)
Iron Sights: (E.g Allowed,Not Allowed)
Timer: (eg. game limit)

more will be add in beta 1.2

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