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Chatango Rules

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1Chatango Rules Empty Chatango Rules on Sat May 31, 2014 10:58 am


Now that Dreize is gone, and his name is under guest, I reposted as myself. Enjoy.

Well every site has their rules, these rules pertain to the xat chat. This thread was made so people don't complain about owners/mods creating rules out of the blue like I've seen in other xat chats. All of these rules are up for change.


1. Don't beg for positions such as moderator, member, owner etc.

2. Don't spam the chat with nonsense.

3. dont spam the chat with too much pics or smileys

4. Swearing is a topic up for debate. For example curse at me all you want I wont care. But others might. Just respect people's wishes.

5. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Impostors of other people will be punished, the punishment is up to the mod/owner who is online to decide.

6. If you are in a position of power such as mod/owner, be fair with bans and kicks. Make sure to give reasoning for it.

7. If a mod/owner bans someone do not unban them. If you feel that the ban was unfair send that mod/owner a private chat and discuss it. If it was an obviously unfair ban just unban them. That should be left up to common sense.

8. Don't feel like you need to suck up/be on your best behavior if mods/owners are in the chat. Be yourself, have fun, it is a chat after all.

9. Do not just ban people right away, give them 3 warnings. Also be sure to tell them each time you've given them a warning.

10. The rules are what they are, do not try to argue their existence with members who have mod/owner status.

Also this chat is a part of the forums meaning that any forum ethics declared here at this topic, also apply to the chat.

Mention anything you think I missed or is needed in the comments. As I said in the title these are the official rules.

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