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New ranks for map "BrainStormers"

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1New ranks for map "BrainStormers" Empty Re: New ranks for map "BrainStormers" on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:40 pm

lol what the hell,

BrainStormers! Smart guys in Disguise!!
(Transformers cartoon reference)

Never understood the phrase "beef in your taco".Thought it was the other way around....
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2New ranks for map "BrainStormers" Empty Re: New ranks for map "BrainStormers" on Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:15 am


Jmankdman wrote:I humbly ask for a small tweak in the ranking system. I believe that giving the ones who make people popular a special rank with the identity of "BrainStormer" but they must help at least 3 to 5 ( and must apply for it and pay 10 points) people create a map.
it should be neon orange and with a icon like admin but a brain in the middle instead of a skull.
if anyone has any suggestion or constructive criticism please don't be shy to tell.

thank you for reading and hopefully considering my idea ,


We have no plans to add Ranks like this, if you help people out all good but that's out of your own kindness, we'rer not giving them special ranks.

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