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Waypointing tutorial

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1NZP Demo Waypointing tutorial on Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:10 pm


PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you've read this entire tutorial completely before asking a question about a problem you've encountered.

DO NOT modify other map's waypoint files, you'll mess them up.

IF you've followed this tutorial and are still getting spammed with pathfinding errors, do reply below with a link to both your BSP and WAY file.

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to waypoint our newly created custom map, it's a bit different from the previous version so keep focused.

First, load your map into NZP, I recommend using the emulator over the PSP itself, but it's your choice, this is a test map, as you can see it's beautiful.

Next press the "Start" button to go into the pause menu, go to "Settings" and go to "Console", once in the console press Square to bring up the on-screen keyboard, type "impulse 100" without the quotations.

Then press square to confirm and press cross to activate the command, this will enter Waypoint mode, your screen should now look like this:

Now go into the pause menu, and restart the map, now we can start waypointing! VeryHappy

Mostly it should be self explanatory for adding waypoints, deleting. etc., to link a waypoint select the waypoint using the Select button and press aim while at another waypoint to link them, waypoints can be link to multiple other waypoints.

Once you're done you should be seeing something similar to this (NOTE: I haven't put effort into these waypoints, don't pull a lazy on waypoints, yours should be much better done than what I done for this tutorial):

Now to go the pause menu, press "Save Waypoints" and press the start button again (IF YOU DO NOT BACK OUT OF THE PAUSE MENU THEY WILL NOT SAVE), now in your NZP's maps folder you should see a new file with the extension .way (ignore the fact my .way files are associated with notepad, it is a way file):

MAKE SURE that the first letter in the bsp is a capital and the way file is all lowercase. or else they won't work.

Hope this helped, it took me a while to figure it out, so hope this helps you all, if you have read the tutorial and still have issues ask below Smilez

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