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New people, make an intro!

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1 New people, make an intro! on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:30 pm


Just reminding all newer members that you should make an intro and tell us about yourselves!

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Whoops I thought it was no links only! I didn't read what was allowed, because I assumed everything else was.


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2 Me on Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:37 am

I am WhiteAce, I have worked on a Nazi Zombies project on Zandronum for probably about 3 years, been in charge of it for 2 I was actually originally a mapper and I have a bit of trouble tinkering with the ACS I am however always looking for ways to improve the mod which actually is the reason I am here, I had heard about this project from a friend who is helping me find some useful stuff and I am hoping I can be given permission to use the perk models and pack-a-punch model from this project, the project I am working on has really been neglected, especially the multiplayer code but I have fixed almost all single player bugs for the time being.

Apart from that there isn't much to tell, I like Anime and listening to metal which is probably not a good thing for me to say but since I am me, I basically say whatever I think it's a downside but I guess it's the way I grew up, I also like to joke around alot within my personal time, don't worry no pranks will be played upon any of you forum dwellers.

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