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1 Hello! on Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:15 pm

It was 2001, April 26 and at 2:42 I was bor--kidding kidding, I'm not going that far back xD.

Lets start in '07. 2007 was when I got my first laptop. This was a major upgrade from the ThinkPad T22(Pentium III @ 800mhz). It is also where I got introduced in to more games. I didn't own a 360 nor a Playstation 3. Everyday, I would play Halo 2 on the Xbox Original and Battlefront II(I still do on my laptop) on the PS2.

Later on, Zombies released. I wasn't aware of this till I played it at a friends. I thought Zombies was awesome, I kept trying to find it on the Wii but I never did which was upsetting. Then one day, I found NZ:P.

I waited everyday for a release and it finally came VeryHappy.

Sure, it doesn't have amazing graphics but who cares. NZ:P still delivers Zombies.

NZ:P inspired me to start making games.

I eventually got Game Maker 8, started making my own games.

This was one of the first games I started:

It wasn't amazing but it was an okay start.

I kept learning Game Maker, and eventually got Game Maker: Studio.

Sadly, I had to wipe my PC which meant the sources for my games were all gone. Frown

These were the last games I made: deleted the games official topic Frown, so these are the only screens I have.

I am still working on games but these were the last ones I actually released.

For a good amount of time, I was making maps for NZ:P but I don't think I ever released them(One map was Bus Depot, which I have videos of somewhere.)

That's pretty much it Tongue

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