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Helpfull commands that'll get you through Multiplayer or singleplayer. (W.I.P.)

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so, i've been playing around with NZP beta commands like i like to do. and i found some helpful commands that help you out in either multiplayer or singleplayer. i'm also searching a lot for a way to make some commands to display automaticly.

(")= works for both multiplayer and singleplayer

to see all player's points: "users"

to get that annoying "spectating"
thing off your screen when you die: "spectating 0"
and spectate another player, then
return to game.

to see current round "cl_rounds"

to see ping: "ping"

to bind: "bind <key> [command]"


bind <key> [command]

some bind commands:
"bind downarrow ["say I'm Down!"]"
"bind uparrow ["say I'm out of ammo!"]"
"bind leftarrow ["say I Need Help!"]"
"bind rightarrow ["say Hurry! Grab it!"]"
"bind tab [ping]"
"bind ctrl [cl_rounds]"
"bind (if possible mouse #4/5) alt [users]"

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