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Hey there!

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1 Hey there! on Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:53 pm

I thought I'd make an introduction even though no one knows me but I guess that's the entire point of introductions right? I'm The Renegadist as it used to be on Steam and still on Moddb. I'm extremely active in all kinds of the modding scene including PSP development, it's one of the two websites I literally check everyday for updates.

Anyways I've been using NZP for several years and since the demo was posted I sincerely thought the project was dead. Today I was talking with some friends over drinks about the past as we often do and the mentioning of Nazi Zombies World at War came up randomly and how it was the greatest IOS app since sliced bread and how Black Ops Zombies is total trash. I brought up the fact that WAW still hasn't been ported to Android and how Android really doesn't have any good portable Nazi Zombies. I decided to check the NZP moddb page and a random comment gave me a link to this site which I was surprised yet excited to see unofficial development still going. Long story short I'm glad you guys still care so much about NZP and now I can be a part of that to and watch it grow!

I wish you guys the best of luck with the project, and it seems that I now have a third website to check everyday now! WinkeyWink

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