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Well, I found this place - Introduction to myself -

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Well, what a surprise. I didn't expect myself to ever join this place any time soon. But while I'm taking a short break from homeworks (Lol, nice timing, better eat a Barracuda FU-A11 while I'm at it), I decided to write this down!

To be honest, I first found out about NZP a while ago, when the sounds were pretty terrible. The animation though wasn't that bad, sort of kept me excited after modifying the sounds a bit.

The truth is, without a doubt, even if I try, I'll always be a zombie's noobs. But it's so fun, that's for sure! (The only reason why I even bothered picking up Call of Duty games lmfao).

I wished I could say more of myself, but you know, I feel like this post is gonna be free cringe or something. Else, maybe to be able to create maps or models, that could also be really fun. Would sharpen even my knowledge on creating low-poly and portable stuff to be lightweight and easy to handle for the PSP or to simply be low in volume.

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Welcome to the community Smilez


Because coffee can only do so much..
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Small steps now can turn into big steps in the future. -Me

the more you stick around, the more you will learn about how everything works. so welcome to the community sir or madame

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