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The thing that made me rage to the extreme

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1 The thing that made me rage to the extreme on Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:25 pm


Well as I and a few people know I've had many problems converting my .wads using the hlwad converter provided by worldcraft. Ive had almost everyone under the sun try to help me. This includes Dr_Mabuse, True Nightmare, SoulOFSet, and a few others. Nothing worked at all. I tried saving using texmex, saving as wad3, and just an array of things that didnt work at all. Id always get the error message. It took me days to finally figure out what I was doing wrong. And the solution was very enraging.

Well it turns out this whole time, i needed to run the hlwad converter using admin privilages. Meaning all I had to do was right click, then choose run as administrator instead I was frustrated for days. I just wish in the worldcraft error it would have told me something of that sort to save me the trouble of trying to figure this out for weeks. Thanks for the unsatisfying answer to my week lived dilemma. And to anyone reading this who has a similar problem I hope this helps.


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