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Thunder Gun, Wave Gun, New Perk-a-Colas and Many Random Drops

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Ok guys this is my first post so I might sound noobish, and laugh if you want.

The only reason I made this post is for certain weapons that probably most of us want: the Thunder Gun, Wave Gun, New Perk-a-Colas, and New Drops. Ok I know it might take some time to make these things due to the fact know...they are very dificult to make.

The Thunder Gun could use the waves that the Raygun uses, but a bit larger and slower. Its sorta be hard to send zombies backwards because it would take a lot of RAM or things like that, especially for the PSP (and you know that it has very little ram). But we can use the like a jump or the gravity cheat for that to work. So lets just try to keep working with that.

The Wave Gun, which is two weapons in one, can use the same shooting system as the Wunderwaffe, but when used as one, and when dualed they could use the Raygun shooting style, only doubled. But there is a problem: they take both weapon slots. So I was thinking, why not have 3 weapon slots when having this weapon? That would be nice

The drops depend, there are many of them, but the ones we need and dont have are: Carpenter, Death Machine, Fire and Bonfire Sale, Random Perk and Weapon, Lightning Bolt, Bonus Points, and Anti-Power-Ups. If you guys want to know more, go here, .: :.

The Perk-a-Colas would be Deadshot Daiquiri, Mule Kick, and some Cut Perks (which could mean trouble if used in NZP, but most likley not) which are Amm-O-Matic, Candolier, Tuf-Brew, and Pronaide. If you want to know more know go here, .: :.

So as a conclusion, me and probably many others might enjoy this so... would anyone please take some time and make these weapons, Perks and drops. If anyone does, please tell me.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and just by doing that you have already helped! VeryHappy
p.s. Pass the word to devs! WinkeyWink
p.p.s. One more thing...ahhem...Ump.

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We don't have the source code.

Though we can make the .mdls



Like drieze said we dont have the source code (hopefully they release it for people like us VeryHappy)

You could ask on thier Moddb page or thier webby?

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@Dreize wrote:We don't have the source code.

Though we can make the .mdls
my friend said he might know a guy how could help with the mdls but not completly, and i dont reallyknow about that source code anyways so yeah heĀ“ll get help :cheers:

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dude theres only so much the psps ram can handle.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is when you start a program thst is on the memory stick/ hard drive it loads it on the ram, it is impossible to install more ram onto the psp unlike PCs/laptops.

Thats why the psp version of nzp is slow at times because theres not enough ram to handle alot of things at once, and why at high rounds the game freezes, because the ram cannot load alot of the zombies at once whilst loading more things (and the psps CPU kinda slows it down too because it not that fast)

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well, these models are fairly simple enough to make, cos im a pro modelr. un fortunately, as has been highlighted, we do not have the code. in doing so, we cannnot add these features. we can edit the mdl's or replace them, but they must have the same features. so id replace a dog wit ha dog, except it woul look better, may be bigger, but it bites, chases u, dies, and attacks. thats its default things, and it must always do that. but the model itself can change, but not its functions. this is wat is meant by not having the source code, cos thats where we change the functions.

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