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Zombiecraft- Concerns and ideas.

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1 Zombiecraft- Concerns and ideas. on Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:22 pm


First, I'd like to say that Zombiecraft is not necessarily dead, just insanely leeched to the point that only map devs have spoken. Now nobody likes a leech.

Suggestions? I've already found and contacted some map devs.

Since I get about 200 downloads every month for my maps FROM THIS VERY SITE, I have planned another map. Nobody may give interest but eh, worth a shot.

Here is a crappy quality image of a plan of a new map I plan to start up. No name yet. It's not even finished with planning.

Setting: Island, spawn outside wooden ruined building, beach. Zombies come from ocean and nearby caverns. Sea and caves blocked with special anti-player barrier. Inside wooden building- Ruined, old. some holes reveal water. Underground area is a "Death Sentence" (Closed in, water, many zombie spawns) Ground level- weapons, basic perks, etc. Shi no numa atmosphere, Verruckt style of map. No plans for any upstairs level.

Thoughts? Even care?
Have fun.

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