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An Idea To Map NZP Run Faster... Tell Me What You Think...

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Okay So I Was Messing Around With My Mod Menu And Found A Vision Cheat That Made Objects Appear When You Close But Disappear When You Walk Away, So I Sent This To 3 Of The NZP Producers...

Subject : Make Your Game Faster By This? (PLEASE READ!!!(MIGHT HELP YOU))

Ok So What You Could Do Is This One Simple Trick...
Here Are The Steps:
1)Make A Map.
2)Highlight The Objects That Have No Entity.
3)Make Them ALL Have An Entity Called "func_illusionary" Then Copy The Whole Map (ONLY THE OBJECTS(Even The Ones With "func_illusionary")).
4)Place The Copy And Make It All A Clip Texture (So Its Unseen).
5)Put A "trigger_command" At The Spawn Of Each Player (So The Command Gets Touched And Used).
6)In The Trigger Commands Put The Commands... "r_nearclip 0", "r_nearclipdist X" And "r_farclipdist X" ("X" Being The Wanted Lenth Of Seeing And Not Seeing) Now What This Will Do Is Make All The "func_illusionary" Inviable Over A Certain Distance But See Able To See When You Approach It. But Because You Copied The Whole Map And Made It A Clip Texture (Unseen) It Will Still Be A Solid.

Basically This Is What You Have Done...
Made It So When Your A Certain Distance Away You Wont See It (Probably No Point Of Seeing It After An Excessive Distance) But Still Having The Solidnees Of A Real Map Therfore Making It Faster For PC Gamers And PSP Users. But You Will Need To Add The Cvars "r_nearclipdist" And "r_farclipdist".

If You Use It I Guess It'll Make Your Game Faster.
If This Helps You I,m Glad To Of Helped

So Tell Me What You Think Of It...
Try r_nearclip 0 Yourself Maybe...

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