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1 !!~READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING~!! on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:33 pm


Alright application, as I'm sure you now are for people who want to join the team and help us with stuff. There really is not a list of positions so you can apply for whatever you like as long as it's useful to us, meaning you can't apply as a dandelion and expect to make the team. Position include but are not limited to, modeling, mapping, and texturing. It would be great if you could do more than one. If you apply you MUST show off work with a screenshot or, if your a mapper, a link to a map. All shown off work must be tagged in some way to prove ownership. If I find out you're stealing in your application not only will you be denied but I will IP ban you from this forum and, if the stolen items are from NZP, I will report you to the dev team. Also on your application add some personality to it. Don't just be like "I wanna be a mapper here a map I made [link]." It's boring.

These rules are subject to change.

1)In your subject put "Applying For jobnamehere"
2)Don't just link to something and not explain anything it's fail.
3)If applying for a mapper position do not use incomplete maps in your application. It most likely will be rejected.
4)Make sure your map contains all the essentials such as Perks, Doors, Properly made windows, zombie spawns, etc.
5)Try to make your map interesting, vibrant textures and elaborate design is encouraged.

Title Of Thread: Application to become a mapper

I’d like to be a mapper because I’d think it be cool to make maps for NZP and get some recognition for it and I think I should be a mapper because I have some really good ideas and I make some really good maps. Anyways here’s my map called Maze. Its got PAP and all perks its kinda hard.
Get it here:
What this does:
It shows that we’re dealing with someone who has a reason to become a mapper and a desire to and has evidence to support their desire rather than someone who might post a few words about their map giving no reason to as to why they want to become a mapper. In the end, more quality people will arrive.

Note: We are accepting mappers, modelers, texture artists, and just about anything that is directly related to NZP.

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