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How to upload screenshots!

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1 How to upload screenshots! on Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:24 pm


Well, there have been to many people asking for screenshots so Ima tell you guys how.

First off: say you want to take a picture of a Model (in this case, an ATM Machine) like so:

You would open up NZP and click this button on the keyboard: PRINT SCREEN and it should be beside F12 like so (screenie):

Then open up Microsoft Paint and click on the lined square and right click on the white field and click Paste as so:

Then click Save (dont mind the keyboard, I got lazy will fix):

Then go on to Photobucket, Imger or an equivalent and sign up for an account (I dont care if you make up the info lol):

Than click on "Upload Images" like so:

Then "Select Files And Images" and find the image you saved and want to upload:

Now when it is done uploading the image, it should say go to album click it. Then hover on top of the image and click the link beside "Direct Link":

Now open up a new Topic and name it what you want. Now click on the little image at the textbar place and paste the link you copied:

Click Send and you are all set!

Hope I helped!

End Result:

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2 Re: How to upload screenshots! on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:39 pm


Sticky this Kool

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