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[ACCEPTED/LOCKED]Applying To Be A Mapper

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1 [ACCEPTED/LOCKED]Applying To Be A Mapper on Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:30 pm


Hey, i would like to apply to be a mapper for this forum.
i pretty much know everything by now about mapping...(i will credit the people that helped me in another topic, which without them i would not be here...)
i made a few maps but only this is really good, i was making a map called 'Muzeum' but abonded it cuz i didnt really like the outcome of it.
now , some info about the map:
map name: lavetta
map size: 619 kb
compressed file with data(waypoints): 190 kb
windows: 16 windows.
doors: 6 doors.
perks: quick revive, speed cola, juggernaug, double tap.
weapons: a LOT of wall weapons...
*includes the mystery box and pack-a-punch.
inside and outside(of the map)
map type: survival.
some photos:

ok, well thats it for now... please have a look at the map...
i am looking for your opinion and for your answer Smilez

link to download the map:

2 Re: [ACCEPTED/LOCKED]Applying To Be A Mapper on Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:32 pm


I'm currently typing this message on my phone using free wifi.

Anyways, Red or whoever. Please evaluate this application.

3 Re: [ACCEPTED/LOCKED]Applying To Be A Mapper on Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:47 pm

I honestly don't see a point in applying since we're getting new user groups but if you really want Dev status:

Things I liked:
-The map wasn't laggy at all
-The wall weapons made the map fun
-The textures weren't half bad really
-The layout of the map made it interesting

Things I disliked:
-The zombies would get stuck in walls oftentimes
-The door textures were kind of bland
-Lack of lighting, Though the map wasn't bright as the sun

Like I said: I don't see a point in getting Dev position because we're getting a new ranking system. I don't have a problem with this application though. The map was actually enjoyable to me. So with that being said, by my standards its a yes.

Accepted/Locked - Congrats.


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