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[ACCEPTED/LOCKED] Applying As Team Back-Up Waypointer

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As i have noticed, I actually Enjoy making the complex routes of were our little minions are directed to go when you are far from them and don't want them epic wall slaming like myself in my pic, and i do not enjoy it when i play others maps when their babies (map Creator's zombies) are derping more than mexicans without Burritos. just usually make my own waypoints for others maps so i can relax in knowing i'll die if i go AFK unpaused.

If I am accepted, You can send me a Forum Private Message with your map .bsp, and i'll craft up a Waypoint file Within 10-30 minutes (I Will test it also for max performance) of me havng it (if I'm online). THIS INCLDES ANYONE!!! anyone who needs help with waypoints specificaly can send me a message, (Xat Messages are not recommended as i am AFK if i'm not typing for at least 10 minutes.

This does not need its own category in the forum,( not my choice really, it may organize it) I can do all the waypoints myself bc in my perspective, i enjoy it more than mapping! Please Share Your Thoughts Below. :3 <3

Here is an example of my skill: Waypoints for Temple (By Dreize, not Drieze) and a map named as (forgot creator, but he's here in the forum) the AS map is included so you don't have to search Also as senior included in his read-me of his map pack, i made all the waypoints for his maps.
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@Dr.EdwardRichtofan wrote:Here is an example of my skill: Waypoints for Temple (By Dreize, not Drieze) and a map named as (forgot creator, but he's here in the forum)
Added an example Waypoint (they work :3)
The stair zombies are still gay as usual :/ (for Temple)
Since i add some slightly complex routes in big rooms ( the second room E.X) their may be derpers. unavoidable.

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Talked it over with Mabuse, you're accepted.

Don't make me regret this...


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