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hi all i am hear to apply as part of the team as a developer. hear i have one of my maps ( ps the textures would be alot better if my HLWAD converter didnt bust) which i have made a developed, when i fix or redownload the converter (most probaly wally??)i will apply my better textures and release a updated version of the map. It has been tested by me for fuctionality and i have also tested every aspect to ensure no faults (hopfully XP). also soon i am thinking of doing modeling and textures =) below are some screenshots of the map and the i have attached the BSP so u guys can have ago and see what you hink contains: PAP, power in safe room,mystery box,all perks, special ww storage room, plenty of seprate rooms and 2 bulidings with coartyard inbertween,plenty of off the wall wepons, a couple of of the wall PAP'ed wepons, plenty of windows to keep you on your feet (dont want a easy boaring map eh =P)
wonder wepon bonaza! =D

testing room, a failed experiment

lovely coartyard....AND ZOMBIES!!

the second,main building " alt="" />
the saferoom, can you get to it and activate the power before the zombies GET TO YOU

free stuff when you start off, everyone likes that =D

there will also be a story to go with this map, but im just writting it up, thanks for taking the time to reviw my work and hope u like it enough to accept me byee =D

PS for peaple using laptops which are low performance (budget) then i advise you lower the screen and lighting settings in NZP

MAP DOWNLOAD ?em37p7i3ppe3d4m
enjoy =P

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why did you just make 2 topics...?

mrkd2012 wrote:why did you just make 2 topics...?

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map quality doesnt match to be a developer..


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