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[TUTORIAL] Bypassing NZ:P's Targeting System

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1[TUTORIAL] Bypassing NZ:P's Targeting System Empty [TUTORIAL] Bypassing NZ:P's Targeting System on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:57 pm


I don't remember what it was in the code, but this bypasses the previous door's not firing the "inactive" zombie spawns...

You don't need any changes in the the unofficial patch is not needed (as I know of). It's up to the map makers to make these changes to their maps.

Make however many spawns you need, do the regular map making route. However, name them all the same thing (by room of course, only vary their name by being in a different room).

Edit the func_door_nzp to have something like this...
[TUTORIAL] Bypassing NZ:P's Targeting System Y4N4ydW

...where every TargetX (including Target) is listed as your zombie spawn.
In essence this will force the spawn to be reactivated.

This has not been tested for non-linear maps such as Wahnsinn.

Proof: Warehouse is now playable
[TUTORIAL] Bypassing NZ:P's Targeting System GZlsOdU

Have fun,


@dr_mabuse wrote:good job Smilez

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