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[TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters

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1[TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters Empty [TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters on Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:03 pm


This feature is only available in NZ:P Reboot!

This tutorial will teach you how to use the new NZ:P Reboot teleporters, which have 3 different variants/modes to choose from.

As always, be sure you have the latest FGD, which you can get via this link (right click, save as): NZ:P Reboot FGD

First off, here's an explanation of all 3 modes:

Patch 1.0.4 Mode:

This is the teleporter mode from the Unofficial Patch, it is the default mode to keep compatibility with old maps that have used it before. Interacting with the teleporter will take you to the desired destination. There is no cooldown, and you can have as many as you desire.

Linked Mode:

In linked Mode, teleporters require a one-time link to the mainframe pad, and interacting with the teleporter will bring you to the pad. Teleporters in this mode have a 120 second cooldown, and you can have as many as you'd like.

Timed mode:

In Timed Mode, teleporters must be linked to the mainframe pad, and the link is reset after each use. Interacting with the teleporter will bring you to a location for a set amount of time, then return you to the mainframe pad. Teleporters in this mode have a 120 second cooldown, and you can only have one teleporter in Timed Mode in your map!

Now, here is how to add them into your map:

Create a func_teleporter_entrance entity from the entity tool. [TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters 110

Next, create a destination entity. For Patch Mode, use func_teleporter_destination. For Linked mode, use func_teleporter_pad. For Timed mode, use both func_teleporter_pad and func_teleporter_timed. Go into the properties tab and give these entities names.
[TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters 210
[TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters 310

That's all for the destination, now go into the properties for func_teleporter_entrance, set the mode to one of your choice, set the destination to the destination entity(ies) we created. Go ahead and fill in any other mode-specific details or add a cost as well.
[TUTORIAL] New NZP Reboot Teleporters 410

That's it! Compile your map and test it out!

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