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NZ:P [Rebooted] Help with loading maps

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1NZP 1.1 NZ:P [Rebooted] Help with loading maps Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:55 am


Hi there I frequented this site for a while and found out NZP has long updated since I last played about 3 years ago. I was wondering how you are now supposed to load the maps like Wahnsinn and other custom maps into the game.

There is no bsp format anymore so idk what format to do. If someone may help me out with this it'll be greatly appreciated thanks. Dempsey



First off, make sure you compile the QC (go to source folder and run fteqcc.exe then hit compile).
Then, run the game and open the console by pressing the ` key.
After, type in 'map <map name>' without the quotes for example 'map ndu' and it should load.
It does use the bsp format but NZP Beta maps are probably not compatible with NZP Reboot so you'll want maps made for NZP Demo or Unofficial Patch.

Hope that helps.

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