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[REBOOT] Black Ops Zombies Perk Jingles

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1[REBOOT] Black Ops Zombies Perk Jingles Empty [REBOOT] Black Ops Zombies Perk Jingles Mon Dec 07, 2020 12:18 am


Black Ops Zombies Perk Jingles
As always, make sure you grab/are using the latest FGD !

   These Packs contain all 8 Perk Jingles and Stings from Black Ops Zombies, ripped using 7-Zip and converted to PCM using Tom Crowley's Black Ops Sound Converter. You can learn how to use them in your map by following this tutorial.

Download the Low Quality (PSP) Version

Download the High Quality (PC, Nintendo Switch) Version

URLs for non-registered users to copy/paste into browser (luv u guys):
Low Quality:
High Quality:


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[REBOOT] Black Ops Zombies Perk Jingles 1131519

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