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help me with cheats for beta v1.1

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1 Re: help me with cheats for beta v1.1 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:14 pm

Jmankdman wrote:How do i fix this?? I have went by every know way to add cheats to this psp game but it is so freaking stubborn! i did sv_cheats 1 and sv-cheats i restarted the game or restarted the match and all it does is take me back to square one! i want to use god and impulse 9 / IMPULSE 9  and noclip but yet they do not work! i have used all four of the maps : warehouse , anstieg , wahnsinn , and christmas special.
but like ALWAYS IT DOESN'T WORK!!! UGH THIS IS TICKING ME OFF! ... someone anyone please help me or at least tell me what i am doing wrong.
do this before i explode into pile ash.

thank you,


They disabled all cheats in nz:p beta 1.1

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