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Please stop! No more! Your ruining my chances of a custom name tag! No!!!! im ruined!!!! ....

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Jmankdman wrote:ok i put a post up a few minutes ago and someone or a bunch of people pushed the - button like 3 times!  It ruined me... It destroyed my very exsitance here... They deleted my points and put me in the negative side of the scale... Please im begging anybody who knows who did this to tell a admin or at least help me back up to my former amount of 114 points... and please do NOT click the - button it just burdens me more with negativity and debt ...

thanks (i hope),


This has happened once before to someone by the name of MrKd. I'll see what I can do to help you out.

Edit: I know who it is, but that user who's messing with you is admin, so there's really nothing that can be done. If you don't spam as much, I can just give you that user title you want so badly.

For now, this thread is closed.

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Smart, Just like a Chap.
Smart, Just like a Chap.
OP is taking this forum to seriously.


I am technically the Best Admin.

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