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nzp on steam? yes or no what do u think about it

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do u think its a good idea for nzp to try and get greenlite on steam?

i think its a good idea.

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The devs have to pay if they want to greenlit, and is like 80€ or 75$ idk the real price.

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Agree with PerikiyoXD. They need to pay to put the game at GreenLight on Steam... Would be great but its difficult to put it on. Greetings!

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nzp on steam? yes or no what do u think about it UUYh5lt
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i didnt know that u had to pay i thought that if its "free to play" it doesnt cost anything but if it costed money they would get some % of ur income from the game. i did not know im sorry.

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Why does Free to play have Pay to win or Pay to customize (aka DLC)? Like TF2 and Dota 2, weapons are cheap but valve gets like 1000$ every day for people selling and buying weapons.

IDK if you get the point...

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The better is make low price exemple 4.99€ or 9.99€ can increase more people buying than 14.99€ or more.
It's not bad Idea, COD5 price is 24.99€ with mods, i think 9.99€ is better because no MP and no campaign only zombie.

I'll buy this price if NZP is on STEAM Smilez

If It's F2P with system P4W or gun buying, I'll never play.
F2P ruin the game

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@GuenosNoLife wrote:
F2P ruin the game


I see hardly the game on Greenlight, too many costs...

The game itself is for PSP, and my tries of porting to Fitzquake and DP, are horrendous Tongue

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