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help for nzp polygons limit

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1 help for nzp polygons limit on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:22 am


Ok basically, i have a high poly dog. i downloaded it rather than modeled it cos it woul be better than i ever could do. (i hafta look up to my betters Smilez) anyway, its copyright free, so thats good. also it has been havily edited by me, and so it much better (eg added spikes on legs and added horn to head ext). it was untextured so i am now texturing it. basically, now i need to reduce poly count. now that very VERY easy. all i need to know is the maximum polys nzp can hold. i want to make it maximum so i do not lose much detail. a psp version of this WILL not be released, and regarding this version or this model, i doubt it iwll be released so plz dont ask. i have plans for it with drieze so yh, all i needta know is the maximum amount of ploys in nzp. thnks.

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