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We Need YOUR Help. Please Support Us With A Donation (READ ALL BEFORE DONATION)

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The NZP Maps team would appreciate it if YOU kind sir/ma'am could spare some money for our cause. This money would be put to various things such as more forum space for more forum features, a domain name without the .forumotion. , getting rid of ads, and several other conveniences.

If you can donate follow this link to the forumotion donation page.

The donations are not without reward either. Each donator will have access to a special place on our Dropbox (which is where we share map betas and other things) to get betas and early maps.

Now if you donate and receive that privilege there are some rules to keeping it. DO NOT share anything in the Donators section with anyone else. Leaking will case an instant kick from the Dropbox donators section. Also don't upload ridiculous amounts of files yourself to the dropbox. That will end up with the same result. Banned. There are no refunds :3

To show proof of donation please send a pm at the same of donation telling that you donated. Also include the amount of credits donated also. If you do not include this there is no way to prove that you donated and you will not get your spot on our dropbox.

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Just to let everyone know.

You can donate from your phone or use paypal.

Any donation is appreciated.


k. just before i top up my credit ima gonna give 2 pound via phone. will take a coupla months before it runs out but before it does i pledge that.

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