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NZP Requiem Again

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1NZP Requiem Again Empty NZP Requiem Again Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:47 am



Req-ui-em: An act or token of remembrance.

Requiem is a mod for Nazi Zombies: Portable which aims to give it a fresh new look and give power to the community with the new tools available to mappers.

Original Concept by MotoLegacy.

I decided to carry on development after Moto stopped working on features by implementing bug fixes and polishing the game slightly. Now that development on the Reboot has sped up, I decided to fork the Reboot on Github so I can update the Requiem mod with new Reboot features.

Planned Features:
Please Notify me of anything I missed from old Requiem

  • New Menu
  • Custom Mapping features
  • Custom Crews
  • Custom Perk Limits
  • Custom Perk Shaders
  • Verruckt Sprinters
  • New Weapons (M14 for now)
  • Gobble Gums
  • New Perks (Deadshot, Mulekick, Tombstone etc.)
  • Crafting (Zombie Shield)
  • Bug fixes to old Requiem
  • Attempt to support Co-op

The aim is to catch up and have all the Requiem features in the new, more stable and polished version of the NZP Reboot engine.
Also, this would allow PSP support as the Reboot has a PSP port now.


NZP Requiem Again Captur10
NZP Requiem Again Fte-2010
NZP Requiem Again Fte-2011
NZP Requiem Again Fgd10

Old Version:
New fork:

Why are you reading this?

2NZP Requiem Again Empty Someone delete this topic plz Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:04 pm



Depreciated since I couldn't figure out how to port a lot of the features.
Also, the Reboot is getting custom mapping stuff too and perks are planned so this is kinda pointless now.

Why are you reading this?

3NZP Requiem Again Empty Re: NZP Requiem Again Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:14 am



Locking & trashing as requested by creator.


Because coffee can only do so much..
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