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[TUTORIAL] NZP 1.0.4+ Teleporter functions

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1NZP Demo [TUTORIAL] NZP 1.0.4+ Teleporter functions on Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:45 am


With the release of 1.0.4 about twenty seconds ago, I've compiled a tutorial on how to create a working teleporter for this release. Please note that the teleporter function is still in Beta and therefore is not very fancy.

Note that when you teleport, your gun will be missing for 5 seconds. This can be changed in the code if enough people hate it. This is NOT a bug.

Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to edit the FGD because I'm pretty lazy and lame. First off, we're going to need to create a new entity. Nah I actually did it: Mediafire Link

This entity will be our teleporter's entrance. Name it "func_teleporter_entrance" and use smartedit to add a "target" key with a "destination" value. Follow this example.

In order to create our base, we have to create a NEW entity and name it "func_teleporter_destination" and once again use smartedit to create a "targetname" key with a "destination" value. Please follow this example if you're stuck.

Going in game will display the following:

Please note that you may have to rotate the teleporter to your desired angle.

So you may be wondering why your mainframe pad isn't working, given that we put all of the values in.
The teleporter is currently programmed in such a way that the mainframe pad will never display because some mappers may want to opt out of the pad being there in the first place. Therefore, in order to have a mainframe pad, just drop a place_model right UNDERNEATH (do not set the destination value inside a solid brush) the func_teleporter_destination value.
The model name for the mainframe pad is mainframe_pad.mdl and is found in the /progs/props folder in the NZP main directory.

It should look like this.

DO NOT FORGET TO ADD A POWER SWITCH TO THE MAP or else your teleporter will not work. It just makes sense to include one.

Now that this is done maybe I can go to bed.

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Do you plan on adding this to your warehouse map? i can tell you were the teleporter was going to be because i have some of the 1.2 beta stuff

Who are you people... Why am I here... Can I go home?... like, is that an option? I'm hungry.... halp?

~Derp-ity Derp Derp

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Kino er toten map will


NZP Unofficial Patch Developer
Be sure to check NZP:Unofficial Patch thread here.

Naievil @ 2015-07-08 18:25 wrote:Nazi Zombies Portable is so much more than a fucking game.

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ikill4fun32 wrote:Do you plan on adding this to your warehouse map? i can tell you were the teleporter was going to be because i have some of the 1.2 beta stuff

I do not as I intend to keep the Beta 1.1 version of Warehouse true to its name on this forum. If needed then I may possibly contact you for assistance for a 1.2 port WinkeyWink


Please understand that this guide has changed to reflect the release of the custom .fgd

It kinda hasn't though.

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