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[TUTORIAL] Custom Song Easter Eggs for NZ:P Reboot PC

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This feature is only available in the PC version of the NZ:P Reboot!

This tutorial will go over the super-simple method for creating a song Easter Egg for your custom map, and will be the first of many new 'n' fresh tutorials, such as custom weapons and game-altering elements.

Before we begin, be sure you have the latest FGD, which you can get via this link (right click, save as): NZ:P Reboot FGD

After you're finished and have linked that to Jackhammer, you can now create a trigger_song entity through the entity tool.

[TUTORIAL] Custom Song Easter Eggs for NZ:P Reboot PC 1

In the properties tab for this entity, you're able to change the model, skin, and trigger sound. I chose to use the radio model and the BAR's maghit sound for mine.

[TUTORIAL] Custom Song Easter Eggs for NZ:P Reboot PC 2

You can place as many of these entities are you wish, ranging models and activation sounds.

When you're finished, go to the Map > Properties window and point the map to the desired song you want to play when all entities have been activated.

[TUTORIAL] Custom Song Easter Eggs for NZ:P Reboot PC 3

And that's it! Compile your map and try it out.

If you have any issues with this, feel free to leave a comment below or @ me in the Discord server.


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[TUTORIAL] Custom Song Easter Eggs for NZ:P Reboot PC 1131519

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