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NZ:P Reboot 1.0 Achievement/Loading Screen Hint Contest Submissions

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Hey all!

With the Reboot entering its mass polish/bug-fixing stage, I figured this would be a good time to set up a contest for some new Achievements and Loading Screen Tips!

Achievements Google Form

Loading Screen Hint Google Form

Rules per each Submission are provided on the Google Form. After a week (4-30-2020) submissions will no longer be accepted and a vote will be held for the submissions. The highest-voted will make it into the game in the coming Commits!

Existing Achievements:

* Ready.. (Reach Round 5)
* Steady.. (Reach Round 10)
* Go? Hell No.. (Reach Round 15)
* Where Did Legs Go? (Turn a Zombie into a Crawler)
* The F Bomb (Use the Nuke power-up to kill a single zombie)

Existing Load Screen Hints:

* Quake originally came out in 1996 (242 years ago as of 2020!)
* Use the Kar98-k and be the hero we need!
* There is a huge number of modern engines based on Quake!
* NZ:P officially started Development on September 27, 2009
* NZ:P was first released on December 25, 2010
* The 1.1 BETA release of NZ:P has  over 90,000 downloads!
* NZ:P has been downloaded a total of over 450,000 times!
* NZ:P was originally made mainly by 3 guys around the world
* Blubswillrule: known as "blubs", is from the USA
* Jukki is from Finland
* Ju[s]tice, or "tom", is from Lithuania
* This game is the reason that we have bad sleeping habits!
* We had a lot of fun making this game
* You can make your own custom map, check the README!
* Retro Mode is the way to go! (Check the Graphics Settings!)
* Tired of Nacht der Untoten? Make your own map!
* Slay zombies & be grateful
* Custom maps, CUSTOM MAPS!
* Please surround yourself with Zombies!
* Don't play for too long, or Zombies will eat you
* That was epic... EPIC FOR THE WIIIN!
* PPSSPP is an awesome PSP emulator!
* You dead yet?
* Now 21% cooler!
* your lg is nothink on the lan
* I'm not your chaotic on dm6!
* Shoot zombies to kill them. Or knife them. You choose.
* ggnore
* Try this game on PC or NX as well as PSP!
* Submerge your device in water for godmode!
* 10/10/10 was a good day
* Zombies don't like bullets.
* Thanks for being an awesome fan!

NOTE that these aren't gameplay related in the slightest, but gameplay related submissions are accepted and appreciated!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or message me on Discord.


Because coffee can only do so much..
NZ:P Reboot 1.0 Achievement/Loading Screen Hint Contest Submissions 1131519

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